Koch Brothers 1, LA Times 0

A couple of years ago, there was talk about the Koch brothers buying the LA Times. It created the kind of selective outrage that we've come to love from liberals. There were comments about half of the staff quitting if the Koch brothers bought the newspaper. In the end, the Koch brothers decided not to buy: The Koch brothers will not purchase the newspapers owned by the Chicago-based Tribune Company.  “As Koch said all along, it would only get involved if we think it will be a profitable venture,” says a source familiar with the negotiations.  “This wouldn’t be in their estimation.”  We learned today that there are deeper cuts coming at the LA Times, i.e. people losing jobs: Significant newsroom cuts are being planned at the Los Angeles Times one week after the ouster of its publisher. The company is looking to reduce editorial expenses by about $10 million and the cuts could amount to...(Read Full Post)