Donald Trump vs. Rand Paul on attracting black voters

Love was in the air this spring as the media covered every utterance of Rand Paul's pandering campaign to attract black voters.  First Paul met with an expert on arson and rioting, the MSNBC Sunday anchor Al Sharpton.  Paul listened to Sharpton and learned from his race-baiting wisdom, because, after all, who is better to speak to about blacks than Al Sharpton?  (Ben Carson, Alan Keyes, Allen West, and Tim Scott were all unavailable.) Paul said that the answer to the Ferguson riots is to release more criminals from jail, especially "low-level" drug dealers, a disproportionate number of whom are presumably black.  Then Paul spoke before a group of black students and said that the government should hide the criminal records of ex-offenders so they can more easily get jobs. So how has that worked out for Rand Paul?  So far in the primary campaign, he has had trouble getting any voters, white or black.  It's almost as if black voters...(Read Full Post)