Could Hillary's personality be improved with Ben Carson's help?

Hillary's handlers have leaked to the press that Hillary is planning to be more spontaneous, more human than before. The contradiction in terms is laughable. Plainly enough, Hillary has a personality problem. But then I started wondering, could Ben Carson, a renowned neurosurgeon, help her? What if Carson opened up Mrs. Clinton's skull during exploratory brain surgery and tried to stimulate different parts of her brain? Honesty. If Dr. Carson can locate the part of Hillary's brain responsible for honesty, perhaps he could stimulate it or transplant brain cells there from a non-politician. Autism. When Hillary makes jokes about cleaning her server "with a cloth" or complaining about the rich when she herself has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars for her "foundation," that's tone deafness, or autism, an inability not just to relate to others but to understand how one comes across when talking.  If Dr. Carson can increase the...(Read Full Post)