Asians will be top immigrant group by 2065: Pew

There's a lot of data to digest in this Pew survey of immigration trends that was published today.  But the big takeaway is that by 2065, Hispanics will no longer be the largest immigrant group.  Asian immigrants will displace Hispanics by then, while the percentage of foreign-born immigrants will soar to 18%. Asians will beat Hispanics to become America’s largest immigrant population by 2055, according to a Pew Research Center report released Monday. The study estimated the United States' immigrant population by 2065 and noted that the turning point comes in 2055 when 36 percent of the migrants will be from Asia. Migrants are estimated to account for 88 percent of the increase in the American population between 2015 and 2065, the report stated. Currently, 14 percent of the population comprises immigrants compared to 5 percent in 1965. "Without the immigrants, the U.S. population would start decreasing," said...(Read Full Post)