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Becoming an American is a bit like becoming a vampire; new vampires are created by old vampires.  As with vampires, American citizenship requires an infusion of blood, but not from a bite – from an umbilical cord.  There are exceptions to this rule, however.  There’s naturalization, which is a long, involved process.  There’s honorary citizenship, which requires an act of Congress and has been awarded only eight times.  And then there’s the easy method: being born to someone who has no right to be here in America. Like the children of illegal aliens under the current interpretation of the law, I, too, have “birthright citizenship.”  But unlike the children of illegal aliens, I wasn’t required to be born on U.S. soil to acquire my birthright citizenship; I could have been born anywhere, and I would have been an American.  Senator Cruz was born in Canada, but few would question his citizenship because his...(Read Full Post)