Winners and losers for the RNC Cleveland debate 2016

The interpreting classes of media, academics, and Hollywood are busy with the assignment of winners and losers from the Thursday night debate among Republican aspirants to the nomination for president of the United States.  Ostensibly, the Republicans began a long process of hurting themselves by attacking one another in hopes of gaining ascendancy in the all-important polling of public opinion.  According to Yahoo News, not one Republican candidate can presently defeat Bernie Sanders in a public poll.  Such absurdities point to the distorting nature of our epistemological culture.  The discovery of winners and losers is an important part of the debating process.  For this most recent debate, there are a number of apparent winners and losers in the Thursday night debate: The winners Carly Fiorina stood out as the winner of the undercard debate.  She is an embodied counterargument to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  The model of how a...(Read Full Post)