What if it had been Israel?

When Hamas launched its latest war against Israel last year, Arabs by the millions marched in Europe and other places.  Jews were attacked on the streets of Paris and other cities because, apologists told us, Arabs were angry that Israel was firing back at its Gaza attackers, and hitting some civilians in the process.  (Hamas purposely placed its rocket launchers in civilian neighborhoods to maximize civilian casualties on both sides.)

Not only Arabs, but European governments got involved, calling for Israel to exercise "restraint," as if there were a way to be restrained in the face of thousands of rocket attacks.

But times have changed, and when we read about 20 or 30 or 40 or even 80 civilians being massacred in Syria or Iraq, the world yawns.  Why, as recently as Sunday:

Government airstrikes on a rebel-held suburb of the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Sunday killed more than 80 people and wounded about 200, according to local activists and monitoring organizations. Residents said Sunday’s attack struck a crowded market area in the city of Douma, northeast of the capital, leaving streets strewn with rubble, scattered merchandise and destroyed cars. Anti-government activists in the area posted videos online of blood-covered victims being raced to local clinics and rows of dead bodies lined up for burial.

Where are the Arabs marching through the streets of Europe?  Where is the condemnation of the European governments?  Where is the United Nations?

All silent.

The sad fact is that, by their actions and inactions, many Arabs have shown they don't have the slightest concern about dead Muslims.  The only time they care about dead Muslims is when they are killed by Jews in self-defense.  The death of one Arab in Gaza gets more press attention and outrage than the deaths of 100 in Syria or Iraq.

This is the modern anti-Semitism.  It's no longer fashionable (in Europe, at least) to say, "Kill the Jews!"  Instead, Israel is the subject of selective outrage.  But don't be mistaken: this is anti-Semitism, on the part of not just the Arab masses, but also the Europeans and the Obama administration that apply this double standard.

So the next time some Arabs get killed while launching missiles at Israel, and Arabs march in the streets of Europe and attack Jews, and European leaders condemn Israel, and the State Department calls on Israel for "restraint," think about who the real villains are.

This article was produced by NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.