Trump shows dangerous naivete on Iran deal

For Donald Trump, the Iranian nuclear deal is like a business contract, as one would negotiate with a realtor on Central Park West.

The Iran nuclear deal will lead to a nuclear holocaust, Donald Trump warned Sunday. Still, if he’s elected president, the GOP front-runner won’t “rip up” the deal as some of his Republican primary opponents have said they would. Speaking in a prerecorded interview Sunday morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Trump said he’d “police” the deal to mitigate its impact.

Trump questioned claims that the deal could simply be cancelled once it has gone into effect. “It’s very hard to say, ‘We’re ripping it up,” he argued

This is where Trump is wrong.  As an executive agreement, it is not binding on the next president like a treaty.

“Iran is going to be unbelievably rich and unbelievably powerful and Israel is in real trouble,” Trump warned. “[Iran is] going to have nuclear weapons. They are going to take over parts of the world that you wouldn’t believe. And I think it’s going to lead to a nuclear holocaust.”

“I’m really good at looking at a contract and finding things within a contract…,” he said. “I would police that contract so tough that they don’t have a chance. As bad as the contract is, I will be so tough on that contract."

This is where Trump is seriously deluded.  He would "police the contract"?  How can you police a contract with another party who, by contract, is allowed to avoid snap inspections, who is allowed to continue enriching uranium, develop ICBMs, and support terrorist groups who kill Americans?  The "contract" is fundamentally flawed and doesn't have sufficient verification mechanisms.

Donald Trump realizes the danger of this situation but thinks it can be papered over by haggling over the terrible deal, which will be already be finalized long before he gets into office.  His inexperience is showing, because he is treating this like negotating with a landlord on the boardwalk of Asbury Park.  The difference here is that there is no judge to appeal to.  His analogy to business contracts shows the depth of his inexperience and the dangers we would face if he were in charge of foreign policy.

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