Professor arrested in racial profiling hoax

False claims of racism and hate crimes related to sexuality seem to be endemic. So desirable is the status of victim that some people, especially those in academia, have been known to vandalize their own cars, attach nooses to their office doors, and otherwise fabricate hate crimes against themselves.  Oberlin College, with a history of hysteria over fake hate crimes, even generated worldwide headlines for its overwrought response to a series of “hate crimes” that turned out to be false. We don’t know what percentage of hate crime reports are self-generated hoaxes by the purported victims.  Often there is no evidence.  But as far as false claims against police go, the spread of cruiser and body cameras is helping us get a handle on the matter.  Thus, this report from Connecticut is encouraging.  Fox CT reports: A professor at a local community college has been arrested after allegedly claiming an officer racially profiled her, when he...(Read Full Post)