Priceless Liberal reactions to allegedly violent black burglar shot by police

Every time a black man is shot by police, the liberal media goes into a hypocritcal uproar. I say hypocritical because while police account for less than 1% of deaths of black shootings every year, liberals are completely silent about the other 93% of black killings, which are committed black on black.

So in addition to telling you the details of the latest sensationalized story, I'd also thought I'd share some liberal reaction.

In this particular case, an unarmed black 19 year old named Christian Taylor who is being portayed as a virtuous college football player (and who was convicted of drug possession), did an odd thing with his car last rnight. He rammed it into the gate of a car dealership.

An unarmed college football player was shot dead by a rookie Texas cop on Friday after he allegedly crashed an SUV through the showroom glass of a car dealership and fought with police officers.

Christian Taylor, 19, who played football at Angelo State University in San Angelo, was fatally gunned down by Officer Brad Miller, 49, at the Classic Buick GMC building in Arlington at around 1am.

He had reportedly driven an SUV through the dealership's metal gate before getting out of the vehicle and damaging a car in the parking lot, prompting the firm's security company to call 911.

He had then climbed back into the SUV and driven through the showroom glass, it is alleged

Police who responded to the burglary report on Friday confronted Taylor inside the dealership - on the Interstate 20 service  road - police spokesman Sgt. Paul Rodriguez told the Star-Telegram

However, there was then an 'altercation' between officers and Taylor, which led to Miller discharging his weapon.

More from the NY Times:

The car dealership released security camera footage of Mr. Taylor in its parking lot that prompted a security company to call the police.The video, posted online by an NBC television affiliate, shows Mr. Taylor arriving at the dealership in a Jeep, punching the window of a gray sports car, kicking its windshield and jumping on its roof.

I know the media will use a photo of him as a 12 year old, so here is a more recent one:

In his Twitter feed, he has a very odd photo:

We don't know all the facts. Maybe he fought with the cops and they shot him in self defense. Maybe he didn't fight at all and they still shot him. What we do know, however, is that he rammed a dealership with his car and started to deface the cars in the lot. He wasn't shot walking home from the library; he was shot while committing an act of violence and destruction of property. Given that, I would think that people would at least withhold judgement until more facts come out.

Not at the Huffington Post, however:

Michael Beal

Setting off every burglar alarm for a two block radius is an odd way to steal a car.

Jordan River

So a young black male have a acident and crash into a car dealership and the cops murder him. Deja veu.

Jeff Grotke · 

so the working police theory is he was crashing his own car, risking his life, in order to steal another one?

Edison Carter · 

Who needs the KKK when we have taxpayer subsized killings by our own police?

Ronald Burker · 

This will not change until rich white people are the victims.

Jeff Stein

Police officers nationwide continues their assault on unarmed black males. As the world watches......and politicians remain silent.

Vic Silva

Any interaction with the police is a potential death sentence.

David Poston · 

I suppose that is true regardless of what race you happen to be, but there is no doubt that the likelihood of dying increases exponentially if you are black.

Meesta Naturale · 

Guns should be locked in the police cars and only released by HQ on request of the officer.

You see? Liberals see nothing suspicious about a man crashing his car into a dealership, as long as the victim is black and the cops are white. If anything, that convinces them of his innocence!

Exit question: what do you think it would take for liberals to understand reality? If Christian Taylor rammed his car into a liberal's home, do you think the liberal would rush outside with coffee and doughnuts?

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