Priceless Liberal reactions to allegedly violent black burglar shot by police

Every time a black man is shot by police, the liberal media goes into a hypocritcal uproar. I say hypocritical because while police account for less than 1% of deaths of black shootings every year, liberals are completely silent about the other 93% of black killings, which are committed black on black. So in addition to telling you the details of the latest sensationalized story, I'd also thought I'd share some liberal reaction. In this particular case, an unarmed black 19 year old named Christian Taylor who is being portayed as a virtuous college football player (and who was convicted of drug possession), did an odd thing with his car last rnight. He rammed it into the gate of a car dealership. An unarmed college football player was shot dead by a rookie Texas cop on Friday after he allegedly crashed an SUV through the showroom glass of a car dealership and fought with police officers. Christian Taylor, 19, who played football at Angelo State University in San...(Read Full Post)