O to Israel: Drop dead!

Won't you please commit suicide, dear ally Israel?

(Said with a million-dollar Obama grin.)

That's the message to Israel when you look behind Obama's words.  He has totally abandoned a close ally surrounded by primitive barbarians like Iran and ISIS.

The only positive result is that Israel and the Arabs have now formed a defensive alliance to fight Iran.

Israel is not the first of Obama's betrayals.

He started by telling Egypt's Hosni Mubarak to step down – an act of supreme imperialistic arrogance – to let a Muslim Brotherhood fascist be "elected."  Egypt saved itself from the MBs by the skin of its teeth.

Obama also backstabbed Moammar Gaddafi, who had surrendered his nuclear program to the Bush administration.  He told the U.S. Navy to retreat from the strategic chokepoint of the Red Sea when Iran moved to control that crucial waterway.

Obama did zilch when Russia took over the Crimea and invaded Ukraine.  He said nothing when China grabbed large parts of the South China Sea, seabed territory that was disputed by Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam.  He is keeping mum now that Putin has taken over a major NATO base in the Arctic.

Betrayal is Obama's middle name.

Millions of Americans are ashamed of this president and his enablers on both sides of the aisle.

Since apologies are in fashion today, let me be the first to apologize for Obama.  He is a deadly cancer on the body politic.  By comparison, Richard Nixon was a great patriot.

Obama's abandonment of Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and the rest will live in infamy.  That is not an exaggeration – because he has given up the sixty-year struggle to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of barbarians.

That's what happens when you vote for a false messiah.

It must be said that James Baker and apparently Jeb Bush have also pushed for the abandonment of Israel to a genocidal, nuke-armed Iran.  So have the usual suspects, Jimmy Carter and his foreign policy genius, Zbig Brzezinski.  Europe and Russia are also on board.  All of them are expecting big money from the surrender.  All are now using Israel as a shield, on the gamble that the crocodile will swallow them last, as Churchill said in 1938.  It did not work that time.  Today’s crocodile still wants it all.  You don’t make compromises with crocodiles, or come to secret "nuclear arrangements."

The Father of Lies himself just claimed that his "arrangement" will make war less likely.

Which makes us wonder (again) which side he is really on.

Surely not America's side.

Obama's America would never have come to the aid of Great Britain under daily assault by the Luftwaffe, or France at the mercy of the Kaiser.  After all, Britain and France were white imperialists.  Obama's "leading from behind" is a perverted joke compared to Harry Truman and JFK – also considered white aggressors by this regime.

This administration has upside-down values, as he and Hillary showed in Benghazi when they left our people to be killed and tortured by al-Qaeda.

This is not the America we have known and loved.

If we're very lucky, that strong and morally decent America will rise again – after this pathetic crew leaves in disgrace.

Admiral James (“Ace”) Lyons has explained our national danger.

“There’s no question we got a hell of a job ahead of us. … With the Muslim Brotherhood penetration in every one of our national security agencies, including all our intelligence agencies … our lead intelligence agency” is “headed by a Muslim convert,” a reference to Obama's CIA head John Brennan.

“The threat is Islam.  Let’s make no mistake about it.  There’s no such thing as radical Islam.”

If Obama has his way, Israel will be the first national victim.