Donald and Barack, partners in 'I'

The emergence of Donald Trump as the frontrunner in the Republican presidential primary has been refreshing in many respects.  Issues such as illegal immigration that have been covered up and whitewashed for the past seven years have been brought to the fore.  The silliness of "microaggressions" has been abandoned and replaced with in-your-face declarations without apology, and our collective response has been "finally!"

But let's not lose sight of what Trump is all about.  He is about, exclusively and without reservation, "the Donald."  He is a narcissist first and foremost.  During last week's debate, he made reference to himself with the words "I" and "me" more than 100 times.  Speaking for approximately ten minutes, the rate at which he mentioned himself was once every 5.6 seconds.  Sound familiar?

The last thing we need in the Oval Office is another self-absorbed narrcisist.  So thank you, Donald for putting the focus on issues that matter.  Now go sell your next TV show, make that next real estate deal, and keep that ego in the executive suite of the Trump Tower.