More El Chapo theories than taquerias in Mexico

About 25 years ago, I had a chance to work for a U.S. company in Mexico.  It was a wonderful experience, and I learned two things:   1) Mexicans are very nice people, and it takes a while to get used to their 3pm lunches and 10pm evening meals. 2) Mexicans don't believe a word that their government says.      Mexican cynicism is on a fast track these days regarding El Chapo's escape.  There are more theories than taquerías in Mexico City.    William Neuman reported in the NY Times that everyone has a theory about El Chapo's dramatic escape: The official version of the escape is that Mr. Guzmán, who is known as El Chapo, or Shorty, slipped through a hole in the floor of the shower of his cell and then out through a mile-long tunnel secretly dug under the walls of what was supposed to be the country’s most secure...(Read Full Post)