Laughable Lists in Support of the Iran Deal

In President Obama’s all-out press to push through his dangerous and likely disastrous deal with Iran, his acolytes are desperately trying to round up the public support of national “elites” to convince the unwashed masses who, with good common sense, generally oppose the deal.  So far the President has rounded up some retired military officers, nuclear scientists, and most risible, Hollywood Jews to hawk his deal with the anti-American, anti-Semitic, atavistic mullahs. 

What’s most interesting about these lists though, is just how thin and pathetic they are.  Out of all the nuclear scientists in the country, most of whom are university types and thus already presumably politically sympathetic to the President, Obama only managed to round up 29.  I don’t know, maybe with the state of science education in the country today, that’s all we have left?

Among the 36 retired military generals, only four are full Generals and ten others the equivalent of Lieutenant Generals.  Overall, for anyone with a passing familiarity with the modern military, a very small and unimpressive list, even if these folks served their country well. 

And finally the Hollywood Jews.   Since Hollywood folk are known experts on military, nuclear and foreign policy, one wonders why Obama doesn’t have more of them in his cabinet.  In fact, given their expertise, he could fill the State Department with them, although he might get some push-back from that notoriously anti-Semitic agency.  But here again, the most interesting thing about the list of Hollywood Jews is who is not on it, which is to say, just about everybody not named Lear or Weiner.  Here roughly is who they left out.  That Obama could not do better than this among one of his strongest constituencies, says a lot about the Iran deal.

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