Tick, tick, tick... following the email trails leading to and from Hillary's scrubbed server

Hillary Clinton’s email server may have been scrubbed clean. Some experts claim that merely overwriting the data several times will make it unrecoverable, while others claim the FBI’s superpowers will enable it to recover at least some of the original data. But it may not matter, if the emails coming in and the data going out (to other people, and to the other server that Platte River Networks claims it migrated the data to) can be found.

As to the question of that other server with the data migrated from the now-wiped clean server in the FBI’s hands, William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection spots a crucial statement in a letter Hillary’s lawyer filed with the federal court just three days ago, in the Judicial Watch FOIA litigation. Prof. Jacobson helpfully supplies highlighting for the relevant statements made by an officer of the court to federal Judge Sullivan – a man who has shown little tolerance for tomfoolery.


Prof. Jacobson then asks the key question:

So how could Hillary’s lawyers review a server no longer in Hillary’s possession, and which had been wiped clean?

So, either Counselor Kendall, a man with a lot to lose (his law license and reputation) had access to the mysterious server to which the data has been migrated, or apparently he was misleading the court by representing his search of a server that was wiped clean.  If the data resides on that other server and Kendall has access to it, the Judicial Watch probably can demand its production.  David Kendall, a very prominent, expensive, and highly paid lawyer, has got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Meanwhile Michael Schmidt and David Sanger, two prominent political reporters for the New York Times, report on the FBI’s search for the incoming emails that contained the top-secret data that was found by the Intelligence Inspector General:

F.B.I. agents investigating Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private email server are seeking to determine who at the State Department passed highly classified information from secure networks to Mrs. Clinton’s personal account, according to law enforcement and diplomatic officials and others briefed on the investigation.

To track how the information flowed, agents will try to gain access to the email accounts of many State Department officials who worked there while Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state, the officials said. State Department employees apparently circulated the emails on unclassified systems in 2009 and 2011, and some were ultimately forwarded to Mrs. Clinton.

They were not marked as classified, the State Department has said, and it is unclear whether its employees knew the origin of the information.

If the FBI follows this trail, they are likely to find who it was that stripped the classification notice from the emails before sending the data to Hillary That is a serious felony. It would also be quite interesting to ask that person why she (or he, perhaps) removed the classification. Was it on instructions from Hilary? Reportedly, anyone who is given security clearances to handle secret data is instructed on the gravity of removing classification and forwarding secret data.

Instead of going away, Hillary’s problems are getting worse and worse.

Oh, and by the way, why did Platte River Networks wipe the hard drive? A subpoena for all their communication about the project, pursuant to the Judicial Watch litigation, promises to be quite interesting.  

Dianny of Patriotretort.com imagines the future:

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