Kill Dylann Roof

Dylann Roof entered not guilty pleas on 33 federal charges for his killing spree in the black church in Charleston. The angelic families of the dead in Charleston  want to forgive Dylann.  They are holy people.  They don’t understand the pragmatism of a world where crime deserves retribution.  They don’t understand that retribution can prevent future crime.  That a society should have a gestalt of vengeance rather than mercy. A society that senses that violence is wrong and ugly discourages future violence.  Revenge is societal kindness, whereas mercy is a failure to rid civilization of chaos. To protest the death penalty for Roof is an insult to society and an encouragement to commit crimes. Killing Roof won’t bring his victims back.  That’s impossible.  It will say that the crime was so horrible that to look on the killer kindly would be encouraging future killers to kill, as if their crimes didn’t...(Read Full Post)