Hillary's New Crime

Hillary Clinton may finally have outdone herself by creating an entirely new offense: commingling information. Commingling funds has a lengthy history as criminal behavior resulting in its being completely banned in any of the fiduciary professions such as law and real estate. Lawyers and brokers dumping funds earmarked for their clients into their own or the company account claimed convenience and security as an excuse, but in almost all cases it was intended as a method of muddying the waters as regards fraud. By the 60s it was banned, no ifs, ands, or buts. (When I was involved in real estate decades ago, commingling was repeatedly and vehemently proscribed in the state handbook.) So here comes the smartest woman in the world with her homebrew server. Though not put in quite these terms, Hillary’s major excuse since the start of the email imbroglio has been that the commingling of official and private communications on her server somehow inoculated all the governmental...(Read Full Post)