Hijacked grief

Grief is a powerful emotion.  And a necessary one.  Grief is brought upon by loss, often personal.  The more personal the loss, the deeper the grief.  Dennis Prager described a Jewish custom surrounding the grieving process, called Shiva.  To “sit Shiva,” one actively grieves for a seven-day period, during which time he does nothing except receive visitors.  According to Mr. Prager (and ancient wisdom), it is imperative to take the time to actively engage the grieving process.  Too often, in a rush to normalcy, many try to accelerate the grieving process, thinking that the sooner they get through the grieving process, the quicker they can get back to normal and be happy again. While grief is handled by each one of us personally, and in different ways, there have been times in our past where we have shared a collective, national grief; the JFK assassination and funeral, the Challenger disaster, and others.  Immediately following...(Read Full Post)