Fox debate by the numbers

How low has Fox slipped?  According to the social media outlets dominated by conservatives, that is the consensus question.  Fox's debate moderation was nothing short of cringe-worthy.  The network’s moderators were obsessed with their own face time and with starting fights on stage between participants.  It is clear they are intending to doom Donald Trump, while remaining committed to ignoring Ted Cruz.  Consider a few stunning – and what should be embarrassing – numbers from Thursday's debate: 40: Ted Cruz was ignored for 40 straight minutes during the debate – with the mods even skipping Cruz on the topics of Iran and yes, Obamacare.  How in the world can you take yourself seriously when you don't invite Cruz into an Obamacare discussion?  Perhaps it's because Fox was so arrogantly assuring everyone back during the Cruz Obamacare shutdown filibuster that it was going to cost the Republicans the...(Read Full Post)