Do hippies have the 'right' to live in Venice Beach?

Los Angeles is a pit.  It's hot.  It's crowded.  It's noisy.  It's illegal alien central for Southern California, with many "no-go" zones for the English language. But it does have one or two almost liveable areas, out at the very periphery, and one of those is called Venice Beach.  Venice Beach is considered desirable because there is a tiny strip of lawn and palm trees literally thirty to forty feet wide by the beach filled with hippies and menacing homeless people, which is also directly downstream from an airport runway.  But since this is paradise compared to the rest of LA, everyone wants to live there.  The WaPo published an article about evil dot-commers who are raising the price of real estate and displacing the existing hippies.  It's an old story in a new place: For decades, Venice has been the epicenter of weird, a beachy paradise with a gothic twist, where carnival freaks, homeless hippies,...(Read Full Post)