You'll never guess where self-deportation of illegals actually works

"What are you going to do, deport 11 million people?"  That's the typical question racists like Jorge Ramos ask of any trembling Republican who dares to fail to vocally support immediate and unconditional mass amnesty for illegal aliens.  But even when deportation is off the table, self-deportation, which Mitt Romney proposed, is also ridiculed.  But self-deportation works, at least in the Dominican Republic:

Thousands of people from Haiti or merely of Haitian descent aren't waiting to see if they'll be forcibly removed from the Dominican Republic now that the deadline has passed to apply for legal residency.

The end of a yearlong application period has sparked an exodus to Haiti of people who failed to qualify. Some plan to wait out what they fear could be a wave of mass deportations

The Dominican government says nearly 40,000 people had left as of July 6.

"They're saying there are going to be deportations," construction worker Wasley Abraham said as he, his wife and daughter prepared to cross the Dominican border into his native Haiti. A pink bike with training wheels peeked out among belongings loaded on a truck. "It's best to move now."

Before last month's deadline, some Dominican officials warned they would conduct immigration sweeps and showed off a fleet of buses for deportations.

There were no mass deportations.  It was merely the fear of mass deportations.  Can you imagine how many illegals would leave the country if they even thought that America was going to get serious about deportations?

In September 2013, the Dominican Republic's Constitutional Court ruled that children born in the country to non-citizens did not qualify for automatic citizenship because their migrant parents – most of whom were Haitians – were "in transit."

If there are no anchor babies, it makes chain migration that much harder.

Self deportation can be accomplished if we start to get serious about deportations.  Even a few mass arrests of illegals could send millions more scurrying back across the border.

Enforcing our laws would also help.  If employment laws were enforced so that illegals could not get jobs, and if laws were changed so that illegals would not get welfare or free schooling, they would have no incentive to stay.  Once illegals could no longer work or suck on the public teat, they would have to go home. 

It's very simple.  It's very easy.  It's even very peaceful.  But because the media is almost universally pro-illegal alien, and both parties support their presence here, no one will talk about commonsense solutions like this one.

If only we could be as determined as the Dominican Republic.

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