Iranian death cult + nukes + ICBMs = mass genocide

Obama has approved a deal that essentially allows Iran to build nuclear weapons.  It's not spelled out that way specifically, of course, but look at the details:

1) No snap inspections of facilities.

2) Military facilities off-limits.

3) Continued enrichment of uranium.

4) No limit on ICBM development.

What that all adds up to is a nuclear, ICBM-armed Iran.  And Iran is governed by a death cult, a radical version of Shi'ite Islam that views all other religions as its enemy.  Who will be Iran's first target?

Perhaps Sunni Muslims.  That's right, other Muslims who believe a slightly different interpretation of the very same religion.  Iran is at war with Sunnis right now in Syria and Iraq and other places.  If Iran felt that it was losing, perhaps it might unleash nuclear weapons on the Sunnis.  That explains why Sunni Arab states, seeing the Obama capitulation, are now trying to get nuclear weapons of their own.  These Sunni states, such as Saudi Arabia, are hardly moderate themselves, and the results of this new arms race (created by Obama, endorsed by Clinton) could be thermonuclear war among Muslims in the Middle East.

The next most logical target is Israel.  What, you don't believe it when the ayatollahs regularly chant "Death to Israel!"?  Some people didn't believe what Hitler was saying in the 1930s.  They thought it was heated rhetoric.  By the time they came around, it was too late for millions.

Now, Israel has nuclear weapons of its own.  But Iran has 77 million people.  The ayatollahs might be willing to sacrifice a few million of their own people to wipe Israel off the map.  Sounds implausible?  Not for a country armed with a group called the "Revolutionary Guards."  Not for a country with armed groups called "Basijis" who executed human wave attacks in the war against Iraq.  They charged machine guns in human waves, not caring about the human consequences.  They even made human wave attacks into mine fields to clear them, treating their own people as expendable cattle.  Would a country that would do these things hesitate to engage in a nuclear exchange with Israel?

And then there is the other obvious target: America.  Obama talks a lot about the dangers of the Confederate flag, but never a word about the Iranians who regularly chant "Death to America!"  He never talks about Iranian support for the Hezb'allah terrorist group, which has killed Americans.  What if the Iranians give Hezb'allah a nuclear weapon?  And what happens when Iranians put nuclear warheads on missiles that can reach America?

People may say that we deterred the Communists in Russia and China.  That's true, but they weren't fanatics in the sense of being willing to trade their lives for ours.  The Shi'ite radicals do just that.

We've delayed and delayed and let them enrich uranium for so long that they probably have enough fissionable material for nuclear weapons already.  But at the very least we should bomb their ICBMs, increase sanctions on them, and work to destabilize their evil regime.

None of these things will be done, of course.  Obama, swooning in victor's laurels, will leave office on a white palfrey to global plaudits, and he will never be held responsible for the consequences. 

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