The new Israeli airspace

One outcome of the Iran nuclear agreement that I’ve not heard any of the pundits mention is the beneficial effect it will likely have on Israeli combat aircraft’s egress to those fat nuclear targets in Iran they have circled in bright red in their deepest command bunkers. Remember all those past predictions of Israeli problems in finding clear air lanes into Iran because they would have to violate the airspace of multiple Middle Eastern countries to get from home base to targets?  The dithering concerns were that no Arab countries would betray the faith by permitting those Jew devils to fly over their nations to attack another Muslim country. With the Obama capitulation to Iran virtually guaranteeing that Persian nation’s future status as a nuclear power, complete with nuclear arsenal, other Arab rulers have to be taking a long, hard look at how greatly they may benefit from ignoring the rapidly passing shadow of an Israeli air armada overflying their...(Read Full Post)