Paramilitary politics of the left exposed in Wisconsin investigation

Reactions from the right and left to the decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court to end the “John Doe” investigations by a Democrat prosecutor targeting several conservative groups have been markedly different. The allegations of political coordination with the Scott Walker campaign resulted in pre-dawn paramilitary raids on homes of Republicans, which is a gross excess of the government’s power to investigate potential wrongdoings. For centuries under Anglo-American law, nighttime raids for search and seizure purposes have been disfavored except in exigent circumstances.  They are inherently dangerous for those being searched, and for searching agents who could be mistaken as intruders and shot. Rick Moran captures several perspectives from the right that are highly critical of the abusive nature of this political witch hunt (“Wisconsin Supreme Court ends 'John Doe' investigations”). Meanwhile, the left is not celebrating that...(Read Full Post)