Of 'broken' immigration laws and logic

The federal government refuses to enforce immigration laws, then said the laws were "broken" and can't be enforced until there is "immigration reform."

It would be nice if the feds applied this to other areas, such as refusing to enforce income tax laws, saying they are "broken" and the IRS is in need of "tax reform," and until then, the laws can't be enforced.

Or street cops to stop giving out speeding tickets, saying the speed limit laws are "broken" and in need of "traffic control reform." 

Or copying the rhetoric of gun control, say that we need more traffic control laws since people don't obey the laws that exist already. 

There is no such thing as "illegal" parking, only undocumented parking, and the parking laws won't be enforced until there is just "parking law reform."

This has gotten completely out of control.  It only proves that the federal government is moving toward anarchy, choosing to punish those it disagrees with and selectively enforcing laws only against its political enemies.