Do you think Hillary or Bernie Sanders lives anywhere near illegal aliens?

You may wonder, if liberals think that illegal aliens are so great, they must live in communities with a lot of them, right?  In fact, nearly all leaders of the Democratic Party live in rich, lily-white neighborhoods where few minorities, much less illegal aliens, can be found.

For starters, where does Harry Reid live?  He would tell you in a small town called Searchlight, Nevada, except for most of the time, which he apparently spends at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where he has an exclusive apartment.  I'll bet there aren't too many illegal aliens there (except perhaps on the waiting staff).

Hillary Clinton, as we all know, lives in Chappaqua with her mail server.  Chappaqua is 92% white.  Think in this day and age how hard it is to find a place so incredibly white.  Hillary has got to be living in just about the whitest place on the planet; she must have done a lot of hard work to find it.  The only illegal aliens she sees are the ones on the nightly news (or perhaps Univision).

Elizabeth Warren lives in a very expensive section of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in a $5-million mansion.  Cambridge is only 7% Latino, so I am guessing there aren't too many illegal aliens there, and probably none can afford to live in her neighborhood.  Furthermore, the census there must undercount whites, because Warren probably lists herself as an American Indian.

What about the great socialist, Bernie Sanders?  The former mayor of Burlington, Vermont represented a town that is 89% white and less than 3% Hispanic – again, the whitest of the white.  Bernie supports legalizing millions of illegal aliens in the hopes they will vote for him, but he chose to live in a place where they are practically nonexistent.  I wonder why.

Nancy Pelosi lives in a mansion in the ultra-rich Pacific Heights section of San Francisco.  You won't find many illegals there, either, and of course, Nancy has government protection, just in case a crazy man speaking Spanish does come by with a gun looking to hunt some sea lions.

And of course there is Obama.  He lives in the White House, which also has no illegal aliens.  But where does the president choose to spend his free time outside the White House?  Spanish Harlem?  The Tenderloin of San Francisco?  The center of Miami?

No.  Hawaii.  Martha's Vineyard . The most exclusive golf courses of Palm Springs.  I would dare say he's the only black person there (literally – he and Michelle take separate vacations).

Liberals want illegal aliens for their votes, and know they can live in their guarded enclaves and not be affected by the societal results.  They might think differently if they had to live in the real world with the rest of us.

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