Netanyahu warns of western 'collapse' in Iran negotiations

This time last week, as the deadline to reach a final agreement on the negotiations to curb the Iranian nuclear program approached, the two sides were far apart on several key issues, including sanctions relief, the inspections regime, technological upgrades to the Iranian program, and an accounting of Iran's past nuclear bomb making activities. Now, a week later, optimism reigns in Vienna as all issues that were an impediment to reaching a deal have either been resolved or are on the verge of being resolved. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu smells a total cave in by western powers to Iranian demands. And reports coming out of Tehran would appear to vindicate that position. Times of Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday accused the six world powers negotiating with Iran of dangerously caving to the Islamic Republic’s every demand, as a long-sought final pact that would see the lifting of sanctions in exchange for curbs on...(Read Full Post)