Is Marriage On the Way Out?

While many homosexuals take pride in being up with all the current trends, marriage has been trending down for some time now.  Instead of being trend setting might same sex marriage be the last gasp of an institution in vital need of a major revamping?  Younger heterosexual Americans, especially men but even many young women, often see little benefit from marriage, even when children are involved.  In part that is because they have seen that the contract being entered into can be unilaterally broken at any time by either party for no reason at all.  And despite the entirely hollow nature of the promises being made, these young people often have direct experience about how damnably messy and expensive the whole marriage thing is, both to enter into and to unwind afterwards.  Young people have always tended to pick up on all kinds of hypocrisy their elders accept as a fact of life.  Thus I have to wonder if the way in which the entire...(Read Full Post)