Guess how many minorities work in liberal environmental groups

Republicans are constantly attacked for not having enough minorities in their elected ranks.  But no one seems concerned that Democrats, who have 90%+ support from blacks, somehow manage to have only one elected black senator (Corey Booker) – the same number as Republicans (Tim Scott).

Republicans are always asked, "Why are you so unpopular with minorities?"  But that same question is never asked of environmental groups, who are lily-white.  The CEO of the World Wildlife Fund is Carter Roberts, a white man!  His COO is Marsha Marsh, a white woman!  In fact, these two share something with the eleven other senior executives at the WWF – they are all white!

The Audubon Society's CEO is David Yarnold – another white man!  Thirteen of his other 14 senior leadership staff are white people!  There is only one black on the senior staff.  You know what the media calls it when there is only one Republican black in a group?  A token!

The Natural Resources Defense Council has an Asian woman named Rhea Suh as its president.  But as we know, Asians often don't count as "minorities" in the liberal mind.  Where are the blacks and Hispanics?  Of the eleven other senior staff, precisely zero appear to be Hispanic.  Zero are black.  Isn't it great that liberals have taught us to count people by race?

The president of the Environmental Defense Fund is a white man named Fred Krupp.  The eight members of Krupp's senior staff are all white people.

So why are there no Hispanics and almost no blacks in any of these groups?  A few possibilities:

1) They are simply racists.  They love squirrels but hate blacks.

2) They are Atticus Finch racists.  They like minorities from a distance but don't want any living or working with them.

3) They are unconscious racists.  Consciously, in their waking moments, they like blacks, but their unconscious minds want nothing to do with them.

4) Maybe blacks don't apply because they fear working with white environmentalists because of their inherent racism.

When do you think the media will write about the obvious disparities in racial hiring in environmental groups, as they do in Silicon Valley and other business jobs?

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