The horror of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is packing in the crowds.  I know Sanders as a type – I was a hippy during the sixties, and Sanders was the stereotype of my friends.  The type promises good while getting high on clichés and imagining that the future belongs to his conceited views. 

Actually, Sanders and his ilk are limited dolts.  He offers us retread, failed socialism.  Not too bright.  Never worked before.  He is selling used goods.  He is a horror.

Sanders seems to be catching up on Hillary.  That’s bad, because he’s pushed her farther to the left.  This despite the last two terms of Obama’s leftist failures.

When there are more voters who are poor than rich, the political wolves chomp their fangs into the poor and middle-class voters.  The political wolves eat Peter with their socialistic simplicity.

Hillary has done a lot of bad things –e-mailgate, the Clinton Foundation scandals, Benghazi.  However, none of these is as threatening as Sanders raising the tax rate to 90%.  That would change our market from a free enterprise system to socialistic system.  It would turn the greatest country in the world into a welfare state.  It would turn a democracy into a totalitarian, government-run oligarchy.

Sanders is a gray-haired Nero fiddling with our futures.  The people are nonentities.  They don’t exist except as reflections of Sanders’s autocracy.

Sanders moronically said to John Harwood on CNBC, “What I think is obscene [is] when you have the top one tenth of one percent owning almost as much as the bottom 90.”

That’s capitalism.  That’s our history.  That’s why  we are not Vietnam or Cambodia.  We are not the old USSR or Tiananmen Square in China.  We are successful because success is not legislated, but achieved.

Does Sanders want to sit on a pile of money handing it out to whom he sees fit?  What poor fool believes that he would get his apocryphal fair share?  Government control of money and jobs is not a fair share, not a doled out reduction.

There are always rich and poor, and everyone has the opportunity to be both.  There are also good-looking people and ugly people.  There are dying children in St. Jude’s Hospital and ninety-year-olds still enjoying life. 

You can’t take the chaos and joy out of life.  You can’t legislate life without strangling it.  You can’t let autocrats like Bernie Sanders rule.

In the sixties, hippy Sanders was writing articles on “The Revolution is Life versus Death.”  But he is not a revolutionary.  He is a powerful politician.  If it were the French Revolution, he would be guillotined.

Sanders is a weak socialistically biased clown.  He says, “The people are sick and tired of establishment politics, establishment economics.  They want real change.”

His cliché that the people are sick of Washington is an echo of Obama’s.  He and Obama are the Washington that they pretend to hate.  They are dangerous people who feign that they want to help the people when they are seeking power to bully the nation.