Forget guns, illegals kill with cars

We’re hearing a lot about the unfortunate murder in San Francisco of an innocent woman by an illegal Mexican thug who had been arrested and charged with numerous crimes, then deported multiple times only to return to cap his criminal career with an irrational, cold-blooded murder.  While Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez may be drawing a lot of media heat, he’s small beer when it comes to illegals maiming and killing innocent Americans in other ways.

What the Obama administration and their sycophant media do not want you to realize is that the favored weapon of young male illegals is not a stolen handgun or a cheaply made switchblade knife, but a much larger instrument of mayhem and death.  That would be the  junker – an automobile nearing the end of its useful existence by American standards, but still utilitarian enough for a drunken, unlicensed, uninsured male illegal to drive through your community at high speed, without regard for the public welfare or any consideration of the huge harm he is capable of inflicting upon innocent American citizens.  Those of us who may have the misfortune of entering an intersection simultaneously with this outlaw as he blows through it at double or triple the speed limit, against the light, will be lucky to survive the impact, and even more fortunate to ever learn who it was – who, in those few seconds, changed our whole world.

Because, you see, while the dust is settling amid the reek of spilled gasoline and perhaps blood, and the flashing lights of emergency vehicles strobe surrealistically, you and the first responders will be the only involved parties in the intersection.  That illegal Mexican, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, or whatever will be long departed, fleeing the scene at the same reckless speed and with the same abandon abandon that has you on a gurney sliding into the back of the ambulance.  He has no insurance, much less a license to operate the vehicle that has so damnably and perhaps permanently altered your life.  That of course is predicated on whether or not you are still in possession of that life, or whether it was taken from you with one violent impact by that thoroughly irresponsible young man, whom your president and the Democratic Party welcomed to this country and whom your city fathers granted unquestioned sanctuary.

Welcome to Obama’s America, where every intersection has become a potential site for your random execution by an irresponsible, unlicensed young illegal immigrant getting the thrill of his life driving his beloved clunker at perilous speed, something he surely never had the chance to do in the small village that produced him (so he’s likely not even a competent driver).  He also likely has no record and may even be a hardworking laborer for a landscaping business or something similar.  All well and good until he climbs into that wreck he’s bought with his sweaty wages, and takes off hell-bent under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  That young fool your president and the Democrats opened the gates for and welcomed in has now become a deadly threat to all of those in his path.  One has to wonder: who are the bigger fools here?

If you think I exaggerate, look at the news reports; Google the topic, and you will quickly find that those states with the highest rates of hit-and-run incidents are those states with the highest numbers of illegal immigrants.  And it’s not like it hasn’t been reported previously here at American Thinker.