You will never guess how many vetoes Obama has issued in 6.5 years

Can you guess how many vetoes Obama has issued in 6.5 years?

Four.  That is almost the lowest of any president, since the beginning of time.

By comparison, George W. Bush issued 12 vetoes.  Bill Clinton, who fought with Republicans, issued 37.  Ronald Reagan, who fought with Democrats, issued 78.  You don't even get this close to finding so few vetoes unless you go back to Warren G. Harding, and even he issued more vetoes (6) in three years than Obama has in 6.5 years.

To find a president who issued so few with at least three years in office, you have to go back to Millard Fillmore (1850-1853), who issued zero.

What should make this even more surprising is that when the presidency is of one party and the Congress is of the other, vetoes should be even more likely.  Obama has faced an opposing House since 2010 and an opposing Senate since the beginning of this year.

But Obama issued only four vetoes – the Keystone Pipeline,  a single appropriations bill, an NLRB election rule, and a law about notarizations.

The reason that Obama has issued so few vetoes, as Mark Levin noted yesterday, is because Republicans will pass only bills that Obama will sign.  Even Jimmy Carter, who had a fellow Democratic Congress, issued way more vetoes (31).

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are lapdogs of Obama.  They are too timid to even pass legislation he might not like.  Or perhaps, as I have suggested previously, it is not timidity but rather a reflection of a broader agreement on policy, with Obama, McConnell, and Boehner being part of one big party called the "Democrat-Republicans."

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