Dems looking to stifle group who made Planned Parenthood videos

Several House Democrats have sent a letter to the Justice Department asking for an investigation of the group that made the Planned Parenthood videos, claiming that state and federal laws could have been broken. The Hill: A group of Democrats, led by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), sent a letter Wednesday to the Department of Justice arguing the undercover videos from The Center for Medical Progress may have broken federal and state laws.    The Center for Medical Progress, which is going after Planned Parenthood because of its abortion services, created a fake company to gain access to its facilities and meetings with its high-level officials. Staffers for the California-based pro-life group posed as buyers for a medical research firm to ask Planned Parenthood about fetal tissue donations – a tactic that the lawmakers say could be illegal.     “This elaborate scheme raises serious questions about whether any federal or state laws were...(Read Full Post)