Creeping authoritarianism: Man arrested for having pet deer

A  man was arrested yesterday.  His crime?  Keeping deer as pets.  They weren't other people's deer.  The deer weren't harming anyone.  They weren't mauling children or eating babies.  They were just a man's pets. See this deer above? This is the face of a deer held captive inside of a house for at least a year, according to West Virginia Natural Resources Police. Look at the sinister spin the Washington Post puts on this!  The deer was a "captive," like a hostage in Lebanon! If you have a dog or cat, be careful, because you may be accused of keeping your dog "captive" as well. On Friday, police said they responded to a report that deer were being kept inside of a house in Cabell County. Officers saw a deer standing in the middle of the house when they arrived  They caught this dangerous criminal red-handed! The man was charged with two...(Read Full Post)