Bruce Jenner, Brett Favre, and the cultural totalitarians

In a truly surreal display, NFL great Brett Favre is being denounced by the left’s new cultural commissars for not clapping long and hard enough at ESPN’s ESPY awards, as Bruce/“Caitlyn” Jenner received a “Courage” award for his efforts to become a woman.  Oddly, Favre did applaud – not doing so would have been a grave heresy to America’s new church of progressive inquisitors.  His sin was not applauding enthusiastically enough. The New York Post placed a video of Favre’s blasphemous insufficient clapping, juxtaposed with Jenner’s celebratory ascent to the stage.  The video repeatedly replays Favre’s cruel, disgraceful, calloused political-ideological-cultural faux paus for the stunned amazement and universal condemnation of the New American masses.  Yes, Mr. Favre, you’re guilty – we caught you on tape! No, I’m not making this up.  In the New America, not only must we...(Read Full Post)