Brain-eating toxin devours Connecticut Democrats

A brain-eating toxin has ravaged Democrat party bosses in Connecticut, who just announced, under pressure from the CT NAACP, that the name of their annual fundraising dinner, the Jefferson Jackson Bailey dinner, will be scrapped.  Apparently Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson deserve disapprobation, as slave owners and practitioners of Oppression 101, but why should John Moran Bailey share such a disgraceful fall just for his name’s proximity? Bailey, a notable Democratic Party luminary, headed the Connecticut Dem party machinery in the ’50s and ’60s.  Bailey also was national Dem party chair, who presided over the Dems’ notorious 1968 presidential convention in Chicago. Since Bailey wasn’t a slaveholder, he can stay on the masthead.  And add PT Barnum, Bridgeport native and snake-oil king extraordinaire.  The Barnum and Bailey dinner has a certain ring…how suitable for such a venerable event. In former...(Read Full Post)