What did Rachel Dolezal do to her adopted brother Izaiah?

At the center of the story of Rachel Dolezal are her disagreements with her parents about the rearing of Izaiah, one of the four children they adopted.  This is the boy she told many people was her own son.  Izaiah voluntarily came to live with his oldest sibling when he was 16. Rachel Dolezal's parents appear to promote the racial harmony model of civil rights that reached its apex in the early 1960s.  Rachel promotes the black nationalism view of civil rights that has become dominant in academia and the media.  Six children have been identified in news stories.  Their names are straight out of the Old Testament: Rachel, Joshua, Ezra, Izaiah, Esther, and Zechariah.  Four are adopted.  All of the four are black. According to another of their adopted sons, the parents were not happy with what Rachel was teaching Izaiah: “Izaiah always was her favorite child,” Ezra Dolezal said. “… She turned Izaiah kind...(Read Full Post)