Update on the unopened Diet Coke Islamaphobia incident

Well, well, well!  Oh, what not a surprise.  It seems that the sad, self-described incident of the outstanding female Muslim chaplain who was rudely denied an unopened can of Coke Zero (not Diet Coke) and was also insulted by other passengers because she was a Muslim just didn't happen as the alleged victim described it.

As reported in Savvy Stews, Chaplain Ahmad "pulled the discrimination card" because she didn't get a full, unopened can of Coke Zero.  And she didn't get one because the flights have a limited number of these on board, not because she was a Muslim.  But because it was all about Ahmad and her Muslimness, quicker than you can open a can of Coke Zero, she  splashed her horror story of discrimination and nastiness all over Facebook and Twitter to a receptive media willing to believe this.  The uproar spread quickly.

Poor Social Justice Warrior Muslim Chaplain Ahmad versus bigoted airline personnel and rude passengers high in the sky.  What a perversion of the September 11 (remember that?) horror! 

If any of the stewardesses involved were fined or inconvenienced in any way because of this, I hope they sue the airlines.  And I also hope that her employer, Northwestern University, will ask her to speak out against Muslim hate on campus, which she didn't do when her co-religionists led demonstrations against doing business with Israel.  And they should also demand that she respect freedom of speech on campus and stop opposing the right of Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak in public. 

Ahmad should be fined and inconvenienced, not the stewardesses.