The Top 40 Conservative Websites: June 18, 2015 Edition

The weekly top 40 is out, including an expanded list and ranking of sites being monitored. The big movers this week are Christian Today, up 4 spots to #34, and the Washington Free Beacon, down 4 spots to #30.  The Conservative Tribune has cracked the top 10, displacing WorldNetDaily. Christianity Today sits in #41 on the edge of the top 40, just behind the Free Republic.  The Federalist Papers Project keeps moving up the charts, now in #28, as does Allen West's site, currently in #25. Outside the top 40, notable moves include The Conservative Tree House, up 21 spots to #52, and GOP The Daily Dose, up 39 spots to #67. The remainder of the 220 sites and their U.S. popularity ranks are as follows: 41. Christianity Today 42. Gateway Pundit 43. Tea Party News Network 44. The Daily Signal 45. Buzzpo 46. Glenn Beck 47. Rush Limbaugh Show 48. Heritage Foundation 49. Power Line 50. National Post 51. Lucianne 52. The Conservative...(Read Full Post)