The hard truth of Kerry's pink bicycle optics

For a hard-left, progressive administration obsessed with the politics of optics – the appearance of seeming "tough" over the substance of actually being tough (à la President Reagan) – Mr. Obama and his lead diplomatic henchman, Secretary of State John Kerry, embrace and embody "the wimp factor."  This, unfortunately, is America's new normal: the triumph of the sissy pajama-boy.

While Mr. Kerry did not technically crash on his pink, female-model, Pee-Wee Herman-style bicycle he rode in Nantucket last August, it is that telling image that the eyes of the world will forever associate with Mr. Kerry – two-wheelers and a broken leg.  In various photos, by contrast, "He-Man" Vladimir Putin bear-wrestles, rides horses shirtless, and even nuzzles a leopard.  Likewise to Mr. Kerry, Mr. Obama is seen wearing mom-jeans, taking selfies, and holding a poodle proudly to his chest.

Fundamentally, Obama, the Great Capitulator, is the antithesis of Mr. Reagan and his doctrine of "peace through strength."  The proof is in the pudding: Putin pushes whole countries around like a chess grandmaster by invading and partially occupying Ukraine.  On the other hand, Mr. Obama withdraws U.S. forces, leaving a leadership vacuum (he alone is responsible for) now filled to bursting with the violence of ISIS spreading like wildfire across the Middle East.  In the same vein, literal and symbolic fires of discontent burn bright in big cities (Baltimore, MD) and small towns (Ferguson, MO) across America, and most significantly in Syria and Iran – the primary state sponsor of Islamic terrorism – whose representatives run out the clock in endless fruitless negotiations with Mr. Kerry, all the while inching closer and closer to an atomic bomb.

See the truth: as an oil-rich nation awash in cheap crude, Iran doesn't need nuclear power.  But nuclear weapons would be very useful in their unrelenting jihad to secure the West's wholesale submission by this 21st-century sword. 

As with Cuba, this is a complete sham.  Mr. Kerry's efforts are as broken as his femur.  This is nothing more than Obama's "Kabuki theater" foreign policy, designed to shore up his personal legacy as some illusory ender of conflicts and bringer of resolution, with Obama's Orwellian "partners" (known to everyone except him as America's enemies).  Simply put, this is Obama's anti-American mindset in full flower: rewarding one's enemies and punishing one's friends.  Therefore, it is laughable and two-faced for Mr. Obama to now claim in this latest iteration of political spin that he is the "closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in" the Oval Office.  Methinks Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu would not agree with that sunny assessment.

Perhaps Mr. Kerry can ride his girly pink bicycle to Mr. Obama – king of the pajama-boys – when conveying that message.  But only after his leg heals, of course.