People in Blue States seek psychiatric help 50% more often than in Red States.

People who live in liberal states search for psychologists on Google 50% more, per capita, than people from conservative states. Vermont has the most searchers for mental health help, at 74% greater than the national average, which makes sense, since it is a far-left state with a socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders, who likes to talk about the joys of rape. People in liberal Massachusetts and far-left New York search 55% and 56% more often for therapists as well (California, which you would expect to be worst of all, is "only" 41% above average). By contrast, in Idaho, (adjusted for population size), people search 51% less often for therapists, 34% less often in Wyoming, and 29% less in Oklahoma. There is also an astonishing 76% more therapists per capita in Blue States.

If you read the Times article about this they will be quick to say that every one needs therapy in equal amounts and it's just that the people in Red states aren't getting as much. I have a different interpretation. People in Blue states are more likely to be liberals, and liberals are more likely to be mentally ill. Liberals suffer from:

1) Phobias, such as fears that they are destroying the Earth (when in reality, they are only destroying America)

2) Guilt, for being white or male or having a job or earning money

3) Unhappiness with their bodies or sexuality, due to schizophrenia or gender identity disorder

4) Greed and envy, towards other people's property

5) Anger towards people of different genders or races

and so on. Is is any wonder that they need psychological counseling more often, when their whole ideology is based various forms of mental disorders? Just take so-called "Transgenderism." The small percentage of people who have it are clearly mentally ill, but instead of treating it like an illness, the media and educators in Blue States treat it like something that should be fashionable, and actually promote this sort of illness to others. The culture there teaches people, in order words, to embrace these mental disorders. Today it's Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vogue; what will it be tomorrow, someone else celebrating the joys of schizophrenia? Paranoia? 

Let's have a support group in the comments section. Tell a story about a liberal friend needing or getting therapy.

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