Poll: Europeans view Euroskeptic parties as good thing

The Pew Research Center has released a poll showing Europeans generally have positive views toward the rise of Euroskeptic parties in their respective nations, in large part because residents have major concerns regarding the European economy and its immigration policies. With the exceptions of France and Poland, these "nontraditional parties" (e.g., UKIP in the U.K., Podemos in Spain, etc.) are dominantly thought to be a "good thing" within European nations.  Support for Euroskeptic parties is highest in Spain (70 percent) and the U.K. (66 percent), and also strong in Italy (58 percent) and Germany (50 percent).  Even in Poland, the public is split between whether the Euroskeptic parties are good or bad.  Only in France is there a majority view towards these parties being negative. Men take a far more favorable view than women do toward Euroskeptic parties in all countries surveyed.  There are no clear multi-national trends by age...(Read Full Post)