NPR host resurrects anti-Semitic canard

Diane Rehm, whose political interview show is nationally distributed by National Public Radio, is considered a peer of the realm when it comes to DC liberal pundits, able to interview pretty much any Democrat she chooses, and almost any Republican.  And she has just unmasked herself as an anti-Semite. One of the most heinous charges leveled by Jew-haters in America today is that Jews have “dual loyalty” to Israel and America, and therefore are unworthy of the public trust in high office. The idea is the latest variant on an ancient charge used against Jews wherever they live -- that they cannot be fully of (fill in the blank: Germany, France, England, Poland, Russia, etc.) because Jews are cosmopolitan wanderers, unlike real (fill in the blank) citizens. Yesterday, Rehm, interviewing Bernie Sanders, stated as a fact that the Vermont Senator has dual US-Israel citizenship. Here is a transcript: Diane Rehm: Senator, you have dual citizenship with...(Read Full Post)