Mainstream media mocks Perry

Rick Perry rolled out his campaign Thursday, and the mainstream media rolled its eyes.  The Los Angeles Times and its sister Tribune publications probably deserve the prize for mocking bias with their article headlined “Rick Perry, humble and under indictment, announces second White House run.” If you want to have some fun at the expense of the MSM and its even farther-left fringes, including The Nation, read Sean Davis’s litany of hysterical tweets about how such “journalists” don’t even recognize Marcus Luttrell or know of the movie Lone Survivor: Media Matters Exec, Editor For ‘The Nation’ Have No Clue Who Marcus Luttrell Is.  These geniuses didn’t recognize the national hero and his twin brother flanking Perry at his announcement.  Separately, Jimmy Carter’s grandson tweetingly mocked the pair as “Russian Mafia.” While it can be fun to watch the lunacy of the left, there’s a tragic...(Read Full Post)