John Boehner joins Obama's mile high club

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones features a war between the Republic (led by the evil Emperor) and a group called the Separatists.  But at the end there is a scene where Count Dooku (Christopher Lee), the head of the Separatists, reports to the Emperor and says, "My lord, the war has begun!"

To which the Emperor replies, "Excellent!"  It is at that point that you realize that the Emperor is controlling all sides.

In a related story, President Obama invited House Speaker John Boehner to fly on Air Force One to South Carolina.  You would think that if Boehner were vigorously opposing Obama's agenda, such an invitation would be unlikely.  But the two have been working hand in glove, since they are both from the same party: the Democrat-Republican party.  (In the past there really was a Democrat-Republican party, started by Thomas Jefferson to oppose the Federalists, but that was something different.)  The Democrat-Republican party is a coalition of leftist groups, big labor, and big business, who see big government as the answer.

Since Obama and Boehner (and Mitch McConnell and others) are from the same party, it makes sense that they have good relations.  After all, Boehner has given a blank check to Obama on whatever spending he wants, has fully funded his illegal amnesty, has fully funded Obamacare, and quashes investigations into illegal executive branch operations.  Why shouldn't he be rewarded by his boss?

Other senior members of the Democrat-Republican party are House majority leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, House majority whip Steve Scalise, Senator Harry Reid, House Ways and Means chairman Paul Ryan, and Senator Charles Schumer, and a special shout-out to Mitch McConnell's close ally in the Senate, Rand Paul, who, according to Mark Levin, seemed to be instrumental in covering up Obamacare fraud.

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