Jeb Bush argues persuasively why he shouldn't be nominated

Jeb Bush really wowed me with his announcement speech for President. For one thing, it was in English, and I didn't even have to press one to hear it that way.  For another, Bush made a strong, passionate argument explaining why he should not be the nominee of the Republican Party, and I for one was totally convinced. He's quite a persuasive speaker! In his speech Bush (who, for some reason, doesn't like to be called by his last name, so, out of respect, I will just call him Bush), touts Florida as a great state that "looks like America." That may be true, but it doesn't look like America should be. There are large parts of Miami where English isn't spoken, huge populations of (dare I say it) Hispanic immigrants and/or illegal aliens who haven't bothered to learn English. This is not a model for America, and Bush, by telling people it is, is essentially telling voters who want foreigners to assimilate not to vote for him. Bush repeatedly...(Read Full Post)