Dr. Ben Carson responds to M. Catherine Evans

In her blog post entitled “Ben Carson’s plan for low­income single mothers is same­old, same­old” M. Catherine Evans completely missed the point I was trying to make in my interview with Mr. Andrew Swoyer. Rather than expand the already­too­omnipresent Federal government, as she erroneously claimed I suggested, I proposed moving away from the failed Great Society policies of the past that have contributed to a steadily growing population of low­income single mothers in America. The key to success for turning this trend around is for all of our local communities and neighborhoods to collaborate and create private sector, non­governmental daycare opportunities, which would enable these young mothers to finish high school, attend a community college or perhaps pursue a bachelor’s degree, or even a graduate degree. Instead of expecting the Federal government to try and solve this problem, I’m talking about having local...(Read Full Post)