Can one of the liberal four dissent on anything?

What do the last three big Supreme Court decisions have in common?  The liberal four all voted alike.    What about the conservative five?  They disagreed a lot among themselves.  There is nothing predictable about the five, as many of us learned last week. On the subsidies, not one of these four liberals raised a single objection: hey, guys, shouldn't we read the law as written?  Is it really our job to rewrite what Congress wrote?   On the marriage case, not one said this: hey guys, didn't Justice Ginsburg once said that it would have been better to leave abortion in the hands of voters?  Shouldn't we sit back and give the public a little time to figure this out across the land?  Aren't a bunch of states already discussing this?  Let's trust the people and send this one back to the states. On the EPA, the liberal four voted together...(Read Full Post)