A communist takeover in Spain to the sound of applause

Europe's debtor nations are rapidly being radicalized as communists and other left-wing radicals run on promises that they will ditch responsible governance and return to the days of massive welfare spending. The latest example is Spain, where radicals have taken over municipal administrations in almost all of the major cities.  The Spanish version of Syriza – the radical-left Greek party running that country into the ground – is called Podemos, and it's led by Pablo Iglesias, a pupil of Venezuela's late dictator Hugo Chávez.  With national elections six months away, and both the center-right parties and socialists hugely unpopular, it seems very possible that Podemos will become the first communist government in western Europe freely elected by the people. Just what is Podemos's agenda? Daily Beast: Spaniards voted against Rajoy so enthusiastically, in fact, that almost nobody had bothered to read the political program...(Read Full Post)